Open Source Video Conferencing and Streaming Server

OpenVCX is a SIP video chat and conferencing server allowing different video client to inter-operate together. The server can bridge signalling and media allowing mobile, desktop, and proprietary video clients to share and interact in real time. Learn more.


A powerful and versatile multi-format video streaming server capable of real-time transcoding, dynamic media format adaptation, and live video distribution to a variety of user devices. Learn more.


OpenVCX and OpenVSX are for free software released under a license based on the Apache Version 2.0 License. You can download the source from here. Support a variety of industry standard media delivery formats and protocols. Take advantage of built-in real-time transcoding to offer multiple media representations; ranging from High-Def video to low bitrate streams for cellular networks. Learn more.


OpenVCX can be used stan Our flexible streaming software is designed to scale in cloud environments to provide High-Availability services. Powerful enough for service providers, flexible for small and large enterprises, and fully customizable for integration into your streaming architecture. Learn more.






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