Open Source Video Conferencing and Streaming Server

Download a self-extracting installation file with the OpenVCX SIP server and the OpenVSX Video Stream Processor.

Linux x86

Self-extracting OpenVCX Binary image for Linux x86 openvcx_linux_x86_32_v1.8.0.b124.bin

MD5 checksum for self-extracting image openvcx_linux_x86_32_v1.8.0.b124.bin.md5


Self-extracting OpenVCX Binary image for Mac OSX openvcx_mac_x86_64_v1.8.0.b124.bin

MD5 checksum for self-extracting image openvcx_mac_x86_64_v1.8.0.b124.bin.md5



To install the software open a terminal shell and run the following commands:

cd <Your Download Directory>
chmod u+x ./openvcx_linux_x86_32_v1.8.0.b124.bin 

The startup script will then guide you through installation.

If you are only interested in obtaining OpenVSX Video Streaming Processor then you can interrupt the installation script after it has finished unpacking the software contents.

OpenVSX will be installed in the following location:

cd <Your Download Directory>/openvcx_linux_x86_32_v1.8.0/openvsx/


Get the Source

OpenVCX source is available from using git. The source can be built on most flavors of Linux and MacOSX. The source is not intended for building or running on Windows at this time.

To build OpenVSX Video Streaming Processor you will need:

  • gcc 4.2 or higher
  • If using 64bit linux you will need 32bit library support for your system.

To build OpenVCX SIP Video Conferencing Server you will need:

  • Java SDK 6 (1.6) or higher
  • Apache ant




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