Open Source Video Conferencing and Streaming Server


Quick start installation guide for OpenVSX.  Read more


Wowza Streaming Engine

Example showing how to use OpenVSX with Wowza Streaming Engine.  Read more


Publish to Youtube

Stream live content to a CDN or Youtube.  Read more


Flash Media Encoder

Stream live content with Flash Media Encoder RTMP.  Read more


QuickTime Broadcaster

Stream live content with QuickTime Broadcaster RTSP.  Read more


Security and Encryption

Examples showing how to protect streaming content.  Read more


RTMP Streaming

Use RTMP to broadcast and capture live content.  Read more


RTSP Streaming

Use RTSP to broadcast and capture live content.  Read more


FLV Streaming

Stream live content to Flash player.  Read more


MPEG-DASH Streaming

Stream live content using MPEG-DASH.  Read more


WebM/HTML5 Streaming

Stream live content using a Matroska / WebM container.  Read more


HTTPLive Streaming

Stream live content to Apple devices using HTTPLive.  Read more


Analyze H.264 contents

OpenVSX can be used as a utilitity to take a closer look at the format of H.264 video.


Dump a container file

OpenVSX can be used as a utilitity to take a closer look at the format of MP4 container file.  Read more


Extract video and audio tracks from a media container

OpenVSX can be used as a utility to extract raw video and audio contents from container files.  Read more


Basic streaming output examples

Examples showing how to use the commandline to create stream output.  Read more


Use OpenVSX command line to analyze H.264 contents

The --analyze command can help you take a closer look at your H.264 encoded video.

./bin/vsx --analyze=test.mp4

test.mp4 size: 12927.2KB, duration: 00:03:31.6799
25000 Hz, tick 1000 Hz (25.0000 fps)
H.264 Baseline profile (0x42) level 21
480x360 CAVLC poc:0 ref_fr:1 qp:34 qs:34 frame_mbs_only YUV420
slices:13744 vcl:13742 decode errors:0
I:551, P:13190, B:0, SI:0, SP:0, SPS:1, PPS:1, SEI:1, unknown:0
frames: 5293, 2.6 slices/fr GOP avg: 28.6, max: 61
I:185 7.7KB/fr, P:5108 2.3KB/fr, B:0 0.0KB/fr
bandwidth avg: 500.3Kb/s, max(1sec): 1006.9Kb/s, (300ms): 1576.8Kb/s

Add the --verbose option to dump the entire contents of the H.264 SPS / PPS and to enumerate and examine each NAL unit.

profile: Baseline (0x42)
constraint bits: 0 0 0 0
level: 21
sps id: 0
chroma format id: 1
log2 max frame num (minus 4): 6
pic order count type: 0
max pic order count type lsb (minus 4): 6
num ref frames: 1
gaps in frame num allowed: 0
pic width in mb (minus 1): 30
pic height in mb (minus 1): 23
frame mbs only: 1
direct 8x8 inference: 1
frame cropping: 1
left: 0, right: 0, top: 0, bottom: 4
vui parameters present: 1
vui aspect ratio info present: 1
vui aspect ratio idc: 1
vui overscan info present: 0
vui video signal type present: 0
vui chroma location info present: 0
vui timing info present: 0
vui nal hrd params present: 0
vui vcl hrd params present: 0
vui pic struct present: 0
vui bitstream restriction: 1
vui bitstream motion vector over pic boundary: 1
vui bitstream max bytes per pic denom: 0
vui bitstream max bits per pic denom: 0
vui bitstream log2 max motion vector len horiz: 15
vui bitstream log2 max motion vector len vert: 15
vui bitstream num reorder frames: 0
vui bitstream max decoder frame buffering: 1
pps id: 0
sps id: 0
entropy coding mode: 0
pic order present: 0
num slice groups (minus 1): 1
num ref idx l0 active (minus 1): 1
num ref idx l1 active (minus 1): 1
weighted prediction: 0
weighted biprediction idx: 0
pic init qp (minus 26): 34
pic init qs (minus 26): 34
chroma qp index offset: 0
deblocking filter control 1
constrained intra prediction: 0
redundant pic count present: 0

[fr:0 (idx:0,poc:0) 1000Hz,0Hz] SEI file:66825(0x10509) len:25
[fr:0 (idx:0,poc:0) 1000Hz,0Hz]   I file:66852(0x10524) len:528
[fr:1 (idx:1,poc:1) 1000Hz,1000Hz]   P file:67382(0x10736) len:829
[fr:2 (idx:2,poc:2) 1000Hz,2000Hz]   P file:68213(0x10a75) len:7
[fr:3 (idx:3,poc:3) 1000Hz,3000Hz]   P file:68222(0x10a7e) len:7
[fr:4 (idx:4,poc:4) 1000Hz,4000Hz]   P file:68231(0x10a87) len:7
[fr:4 (idx:4,poc:4) 1000Hz,4000Hz]   P file:68240(0x10a90) len:4508
[fr:4 (idx:4,poc:4) 1000Hz,4000Hz]   P file:72750(0x11c2e) len:9
[fr:5 (idx:5,poc:5) 1000Hz,5000Hz]   P file:72761(0x11c39) len:8
[fr:5 (idx:5,poc:5) 1000Hz,5000Hz]   P file:72771(0x11c43) len:690
[fr:5 (idx:5,poc:5) 1000Hz,5000Hz]   P file:73463(0x11ef7) len:11
[fr:6 (idx:6,poc:6) 1000Hz,6000Hz]   P file:73476(0x11f04) len:8
[fr:6 (idx:6,poc:6) 1000Hz,6000Hz]   P file:73486(0x11f0e) len:599
[fr:6 (idx:6,poc:6) 1000Hz,6000Hz]   P file:74087(0x12167) len:11
[fr:7 (idx:7,poc:7) 1000Hz,7000Hz]   P file:74100(0x12174) len:314
[fr:8 (idx:8,poc:8 ) 1000Hz,8000Hz]   P file:74416(0x122b0) len:51
[fr:9 (idx:9,poc:9) 1000Hz,9000Hz]   P file:74469(0x122e5) len:8
[fr:9 (idx:9,poc:9) 1000Hz,9000Hz]   P file:74479(0x122ef) len:913
[fr:9 (idx:9,poc:9) 1000Hz,9000Hz]   P file:75394(0x12682) len:11
[fr:10 (idx:10,poc:10) 1000Hz,10000Hz]   P file:75407(0x1268f) len:8
[fr:10 (idx:10,poc:10) 1000Hz,10000Hz]   P file:75417(0x12699) len:1141
[fr:10 (idx:10,poc:10) 1000Hz,10000Hz]   P file:76560(0x12b10) len:11
[fr:11 (idx:11,poc:11) 1000Hz,11000Hz]   P file:76573(0x12b1d) len:10
[fr:11 (idx:11,poc:11) 1000Hz,11000Hz]   P file:76585(0x12b29) len:741
[fr:11 (idx:11,poc:11) 1000Hz,11000Hz]   P file:77328(0x12e10) len:11
[fr:12 (idx:12,poc:12) 1000Hz,12000Hz]   P file:77341(0x12e1d) len:8
[fr:12 (idx:12,poc:12) 1000Hz,12000Hz]   P file:77351(0x12e27) len:534
[fr:12 (idx:12,poc:12) 1000Hz,12000Hz]   P file:77887(0x1303f) len:11
[fr:13 (idx:13,poc:13) 1000Hz,13000Hz]   P file:85509(0x14e05) len:824
[fr:14 (idx:14,poc:14) 1000Hz,14000Hz]   P file:86335(0x1513f) len:8
[fr:14 (idx:14,poc:14) 1000Hz,14000Hz]   P file:86345(0x15149) len:1075




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