Open Source Video Conferencing and Streaming Server


Quick start installation guide for OpenVSX.


Wowza Streaming Engine

Example showing how to use OpenVSX with Wowza Streaming Engine.  Read more


Publish to Youtube

Stream live content to a CDN or Youtube.  Read more


Flash Media Encoder

Stream live content with Flash Media Encoder RTMP.  Read more


QuickTime Broadcaster

Stream live content with QuickTime Broadcaster RTSP.  Read more


Security and Encryption

Examples showing how to protect streaming content.  Read more


RTMP Streaming

Use RTMP to broadcast and capture live content.  Read more


RTSP Streaming

Use RTSP to broadcast and capture live content.  Read more


FLV Streaming

Stream live content to Flash player.  Read more


MPEG-DASH Streaming

Stream live content using MPEG-DASH.  Read more


WebM/HTML5 Streaming

Stream live content using a Matroska / WebM container.  Read more


HTTPLive Streaming

Stream live content to Apple devices using HTTPLive.  Read more


Analyze H.264 contents

OpenVSX can be used as a utilitity to take a closer look at the format of H.264 video.  Read more


Dump a container file

OpenVSX can be used as a utilitity to take a closer look at the format of MP4 container file.  Read more


Extract video and audio tracks from a media container

OpenVSX can be used as a utility to extract raw video and audio contents from container files.  Read more


Basic streaming output examples

Examples showing how to use the commandline to create stream output.  Read more


Installing OpenVSX (Video Streaming Processor)


You can either download a stand-alone OpenVSX archive or a bundled self-extracting installer of OpenVCX which also includes OpenVSX. You install it by executing the download file as a shell script.

cd <Your Download Directory>
chmod u+x ./openvcx_linux_x86_32_v1.8.0.b124.bin 

If you are only interested in obtaining OpenVSX Video Streaming Processor then you can interrupt the installation script after it has finished unpacking the software contents.

OpenVSX will be installed in the following location:

cd <Your Download Directory>/openvcx_linux_x86_32_v1.8.0/openvsx/


OpenVSX is typically used to process a single streaming task and exits once the task is completed. To show various available OpenVSX commands refer to the help output.

./bin/vsx -h
./bin/vsx -h stream
./bin/vsx -h capture


OpenVSX-WP (Web Portal) runs as a daemon to automatically control one or more OpenVSX Video Streaming Processor child processes and grant viewing access to your media directory.

Edit ./conf/vsxwp.conf and set media= to the directory where you would like to retrieve media files from.

./bin/ start
./bin/ stop

For details on installing and using OpenVCX view the guide for Installing OpenVCX (Video Conferencing Server).







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