Open Source Video Conferencing and Streaming Server

OpenVCX (Video Conferencing Server) Product Features.

OpenVCX is suitable for a wide range of conferencing applications, such as HD video conferencing, mobile video calling, real-time collaboration, bridging different video clients together, and much more.

Support clients like WebRTC, desktop video chat, and mobile clients all in one chat room. Watch a movie together, catch up with friends, or do business without the hassle of device incompatibilities.


Video Conferencing

Conferencing is intended for SIP Video VoIP calling phones and VoIP phones. Up to 8 active video participants are supported.

  • Mix interactive video, audio-only, sendonly, and recvonly participants.
  • Live broadcast of a video conference to any mobile or desktop client without the need for any pre-installed SIP client on the receiving device.
  • Record and archive of the entire video conference.

Webcasting and Recording

Every conference can be broadcast live by publishing a web link. Any number of devices can view the live event without the need of installing any client software or app.

Any live event can be automatically recorded, thumbnailed, and archived for later viewing.

Media Transcoding

The media processing engine can be seamlessly used for standard two way video calling. Additional participants can be added at any time to create a conference call.

  • Supports a dedicated video encoder instance for each conference participant.
  • Configurable to save system resources and reuse a shared video encoder instance.
  • Capable of simultaneously delivering video ranging from HD to QCIF for different participants of the same video conference.
  • Each audio output stream is individually mixed and encoded.

Intelligent Media Processing

Includes a robust media stack for effective media processing.

  • Configurable jitter buffer for mixed network types.
  • Capable of optimal group of picture sizing using Full Intra Refresh commands.
  • Configurable video packet drop policy to mitigate image artifacting.

Audio Mixer

Each conference participant has their own dedicated mixer instance to produce individually tailored audio. Audio is encoded based to the conference participant advertised audio capabilities.

  • VAD (Voice Activity Detection) is used to prevent mixing white noise and ambient noise.
  • AGC (Acoustic Gain Control) for automatic equalizization different inpu volumes.
  • Input noise reduction for audio clarity.

Dynamic Video Layout

Configurable conference participant visual layout.

  • VAD (Voice Activity Detection) based participant switching. The active speaker is selected based on an input VAD confidence value. Other conference participants are visible on the main video layout as small picture-in-picture insertions.
  • Grid video layout places each video participant onto a static segment of the overall video layout.

Fully Configurable and Customizable

  • Deployable as stand-alone or in-conjunction with AS (Application Server) architecture.
  • Easily integrated with external conference provisioning application.
  • Conference access control through configurable ACL (Access Control List).
  • SRTP/DTLS support and conference specific security policy configuration.






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