Open Source Video Conferencing and Streaming Server

OpenVSX (Video Streaming Processor) is a versatile and portable video streaming server capable of live streaming, real-time transcoding, format adaptation, dynamic bitrate adjustment, and more.

Its wide range of applications makes it suitable for Live Content Delivery Networks, Cloud streaming services, Video Conferencing applications, device embedding, as well as home entertainment use.



Live Video Streaming

OpenVSX was built from the ground up to provide live video services. The streaming software is suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Cloud Conferencing Service
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • IMS Telco
  • Media Library (Video On Demand) hosting
  • Mobile Video
  • Online Video Platform (OVP)
  • Over the Top (OTT) Video Services
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Solution Poroviders
  • Webcasting
  • WebRTC Media Services

Capture and Re-Stream Live Content

Capture live content and dynamically reformat it to multiple output types and destinations, including mobile clients. Re-encode media, dynamically adjusting output bandwidth to suit different internet connection types.

Target a Broad Scope of Recipient Devices and Networks

Simultaneously encode multiple stream types and bitrates suitable for adaptive bitrate streaming.



Live Capture and Recording

OpenVSX is ideal for capturing, real-time processing, and adapting live input to service a multitude of recipient devices. A single video processor instance can be configured to capture live content for mass distribution.

Real-Time Low Latency Transcoding Support

Built with real-time transcoding support from the ground up. OpenVSX is able to handle the many nuances and format disparities of different originating video bitstreams to deliver robust quality video.

Dynamic Format Adaptation

Support a variety of input and output format types and network streaming protocols to enable seamlessly reaching a variety of end user client types. OpenVSX-Web Portal(Media Web Portal) seamlessly handles client resource requests and dynamically adapts output suitable to a client's format capabilities.

Cloud capable

Supports a wide range of hardware and Operating System types as well as the ability to run in on virtual machines to provide cloud based streaming solutions.

Scalability, High Availability, Failover

OpenVSX can be deployed in a multi-server highly scalable architecture which adapts to your growing media load conditions. Suitable for deployment in elastic on-demand dynamic IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud based services to provide dynamic scalability.






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