Open Source Video Conferencing and Streaming Server

OpenVSX (Video Streaming Processor) Frequently Asked Questions


What is OpenVSX

OpenVSX is a versatile and powerful media stream processor used to stream, encode, and record live and recorded content. OpenVSX has built-in capability to automatically format the output media for a wide variety of recipient devices allowing you to reach a greater audience with your custom video content.

Is OpenVSX Free Software

Yes, OpenVSX is open source software and can be downloaded and built for free.

What are the system requirements to run OpenVSX

OpenVSX does not stipulate specific hardware requirements. OpenVSX is able to run on a variety of hardware platforms such as x86 (Intel, AMD), and ARM. Depending on the low level codec specific transcoder optimizations, performance may slightly vary between platforms.

OpenVSX has been tested on Linux, Mac, and Windows. For enterprise use it is recommended to run OpenVSX in a Linux environment.

Can I use OpenVSX in a CDN

OpenVSX is very suitable for deployment in a Content Delivery Network to service both live and static media requests. A single live input feed can be distributed to many OpenVSX instances with the ability to service a variety of mobile and PC clients.

Does OpenVSX run on embedded systems

The core of OpenVSX is implemented in C for portability. OpenVSX runs natively on Intel and ARM processors and supports all functionality. OpenVSX is able to run on iPhone and common Android OSes.

Does OpenVSX run on Windows

Although it is capable of running directly on Windows, the current build and packaging suite is not intended for the software to be used on Windows at this time.

Does OpenVSX require ffmpeg

No, all OpenVSX streaming and media processing software is implemented completely indepent from projects such as ffmpeg. OpenVSX is capable of utilizing the transcoding capabilities provided by ffmpeg's libavcodec library through its own libxcode interface.

Have any questions

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