Open Source Video Conferencing and Streaming Server

OpenVSX (Video Streaming Processor) Feature Specifications

Stream Live Programming

  • Capture live input
    • Directly from an internet feed.
    • From local network stream or multicast.
    • From Set Top Box or TV capture card.
    • Via PCAP interface (promiscuous capture).
    • From a PCAP file (replay).

  • Re-encode live programming
    • Real-time decode HD programming and re-stream for mobile devices.
    • Re-encode and stream HD quality content via the internet or LAN.
    • Re-encode / re-format input media for greater distribution to media player devices.

  • Stream live input
    • Deliver live media to broader audiences.
    • Dynamically switch between live and stored content for a seamless user experience.

Host Video On Demand

  • Stream stored content from stored media.
    • Includes any supported file format without needing special hint tracks.
    • Play-list support for creation of canned programming.
    • Automatically able to handle any media directory contents as an implicit play-list.

Record Live Programming

  • Record and archive live events for future viewing.
  • Enable usage as DVR (Digitial Video Recorder) alongside TV capture / set top box.

Picture In Picture Insertion

  • Enable image watermarking or play multiple videos within main overlay.
  • Create custom PIP motion and timer based PIP insertion and scrolling.
  • REST interface for real-time dynamic PIP configuration.

Graphical User Interface

  • Full HTML interface to control all end-user interaction.
  • Automatically generate thumbnails of all stored media content . Provides on-mouse over like dynamic video preview.
  • Broadcast control via controllable media player like progess bar and control buttons
  • Uses Dynamic HTML and AJAX to control remote media streaming as if controlling a locally installed media player.

Powerful Scriptable Command Line Interface

  • Rich and powerful command line interface to control all features.
  • Integrated feature set to extract / create media container tracks and raw media contents.
  • Packaged as a library (.so / .dll) for direct integration with proprietary code.

Full Remote Control Interface

  • Asynchronous REST interface for play, pause, stop, seek, record, including live capture / streaming.
  • Integrated Authentication.
  • Able to dynamically adjust audio / video sync.

Highly Portable

Full feature set available on:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • 32bit / 64bit systems
  • Intel / ARM processors

Network Protocol and Transport Layer

The OpenVSX transport layer contains all the required support to send and receive live video using industry standards. The OpenVSX core transport layer handles all network interaction and content protocol specific client delivery.

  • HTTP direct download of live content
  • HTTP Live Streaming (Apple Standard)
  • FLV
  • Matroska / WebM
  • RTP over UDP
  • RTP over TCP (active / passive)
  • RTCP
  • RTMP
  • RTSP
  • Configurable RTP jitter buffer / playout delay control

Configurable and Automatic Stream Handling

OpenVSX streaming library contains all intelligence to drive each session in real-time.

  • Intelligent frame drop / damaged frame logic
  • Configurable dynamic / constant frame rate handling
  • Dynamic input frame rate to constant output frame rate adjustment, automatic time drift correction handling
  • Frame rate downsampling, upsampling, automatic frame rate adjustment
  • Video and Audio codec bitstream awareness (sequence header detection, B frame handling)
  • Multiple bitrate output and ability to adjust output stream parameters for adaptive bitrate streaming

Client Session Management

OpenVSX session control maintains all client session contexts allowing different clients to seamlessly access the same content

  • Input session format adaptation
  • Output session authentication
  • Configurable session limits and thresholds
  • Session statistics reporting

Realtime Transcoding

OpenVSX transcoder interface handles all real-time codec transcoding and format adaptation. OpenVSX provides a simple interface for easy adaptation of any third party commercial or open-source transcoders.

  • Dynamic encoder configuration for adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Libavcodec (ffmpeg) interface layer
  • x264 (H.264) interface layer
  • Configurable and dynamic audio / video sync tuning

Stored Media Library

The OpenVSX file system layer handles all interaction with stored media.

  • Auto updating Media library database
  • Automatic thumbnailing and auto-preview of stored media
  • Live content Recording control
  • Input file container format specific formatting and parsing

Asynchronous Command Listener

OpenVSX has an integrated HTTP REST interface to control asynchronous operation.

  • Integrated HTTP web server
  • AJAX based dynamic web based user interface
  • Full asynchronous remote streaming and recording control
  • Remote view graphical listing and thumbnail dynamic auto-preview of entire media library




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