Open Source Video Conferencing and Streaming Server

OpenVSX (Video Streaming Processor) makes it easy to embed one or more Picture-in-Picture videos or still images inside the main overlay video.

Show un-intrusive advertising, logos, watermarks, or play a small video within the main overlay context.


Multiple Program Picture In Picture (PIP)

By including multiple PIPs, you can divide the main video overlay into arbitrary segments and combine multiple programs into one. Each input picture source can come from any of the supported input capture methods. PIPs can be added, moved, and resized dynamically at any point int time.

The following example shows three input streams combined into a single output program.


Picture In Picture variable transparency

The following example shows a picture-in-picture with custom transparency set in the upper right hand corner of the main video. Transparency can be adjusted mid-stream.


Custom Watermark Overlay

The following example shows a still image used as a watermark. The watermark can be permanent or can periodically come and go on a timer. The picture-in-picture can be scrolled across the main overlay for dynamic presentation.






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