Open Source Video Conferencing and Streaming Server

OpenVSX-WP (Video Streaming Processor Media Web Portal) is a simple turn-key solution to provide a Web Portal interface for all media clients to the OpenVSX video stream processor back-end.

The web portal can automatically index and thumbnail archived media files in a directory tree providing different bitrate representations of the same source.

A unified viewing experience is provided which can handle all the complexity of media format adaptation and device specific protocol conversion.


Web Portal

OpenVSX-WP is a unified web portal and landing page for any client to access your live and stored media content. A versatile configuration mechanism allows you to render the same media over different streaming protocols and encodings to support a wide variety of client devices.



Video Auto Thumbnail and Dynamic Preview

All stored media is automatically indexed and thumbnailed as soon as it is uploaded to the server, allowing for instant on-keypress search. Video preview is available by providing animated thumbnails of each video.

Seamless Client Format Adaptation

OpenVSX-WP maintains a device profile database to identify each request and to dynamically format the output according to the streaming abilities of the client. By simply providing a single live stream input or stored video, you don't have to worry about format adaptation to support a wide range of recipient devices.

Scalable and Suitable for Cloud Deployment

OpenVSX-WP allows your media content to be distributed or mirrored on multiple nodes. Live content can be restreamed from any number of servers and transcoded on the fly.

Intelligent Bandwidth Throttling

When requesting a progressive download media file from a traditional web server, the contents are streamed to the client as fast as the network link will permit. This leads to alot of wasted bandwidth if the user does not watch the entire video from start to completion. OpenVSX-WP can intelligently throttle the streamed video throughput so that the video is truly progressively delivered while being played at the client.

On the Fly Transcoding

Each media resource can be independently configured to allow unique handling depending on the client device type requesting the resource. OpenVSX-WP can selectively choose to transcode or adapt any live or stored content according to its configuration.

Host a Live Content Video Site

OpenVSX-WP makes it easy to host a live video website for accessibility by any PC or mobile based clients. Enable users to browse and search live TV streams, webcams, or pre-canned content.

Easy and Simple Out-of-the-box Configuration

OpenVSX-WP is designed to be easy to deploy out-of-the-box with no external application dependencies.





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